About Adoption 4 East Midlands

Adoption 4 East Midlands is a new initiative created by the East Midlands Adoption Consortium. The consortium is made up of nine local authorities and four voluntary adoption agencies from across the East Midlands. As a group we are service leaders, social workers and adoption professionals who are committed to ensuring the best possible outcomes for children living in the region.

Adoption 4 East Midlands

The consortium has been working together for many years, working collaboratively to ensure the children and adoptive families who live in our region, or are placed by our member agencies, can access the best possible services. As a region we host events, undertake regional homefinding and provide training for both families and adoption professionals. We are committed to working together to identify potential opportunities, which may go on to improve outcomes for children and families.

The East Midlands Adoption Consortium played a key role in the introduction of the BAAF Adoption Activity Days, being the first group of agencies to pilot the project, taking part in the creation of the days whilst providing guidance and governance during the pilot. Adoption Activity Days have now gone on to be a successful national programme of regular events, providing the opportunity for children and prospective adopters to meet in a safe and child-centred environment.

By committing to work together in this way we have been able to further share our knowledge and resources so that we can offer a greater choice for children and adopters in the region. Together we are dedicated to continue working collectively to meet the needs of those whose lives are touched by adoption. Our agencies include local authorities; Derby, Derbyshire, Leicester, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Peterborough, and voluntary adoption agencies; Adopt Together (Faith in Families), Barnado’s, Coram East Midlands and Family Care. All our members provide adoption assessment and preparation and also adoption support. The local authorities also have the children that need to join a permanent and nurturing family looked after within their care.