Adoption Support

Adoption is a lifelong experience and ensuring you have the right support is key to completing or extending your family through adoption.

Adoption SupportSupport from peers, colleagues, friends and family is wonderful but there may be times when you need specialist practical and therapeutic support, which can help you and your child understand their history and the impact their early experiences may have on your daily lives. You may also find that you need support to help you consider and reflect on your new role as a parent to an adoptive child.

Adoption 4 East Midlands recognises the lifelong impact adoption can have on children and adults. Our consortium members are committed to ensuring you can access the right kind of adoption support whenever and wherever you may need it and there are a range of services that are provided across the region. You can ask your agency for support, advice or an assessment at any time, services include:

  • Support groups for both children and their parents
  • Regular Newsletters
  • Specialist workshops and training
  • Therapeutic support
  • Access to local CAMHS and specialist provision
  • Help with contact between your children and their birth family

All adopters are also entitled to:

  • A summary of your child’s health from your Local Authority’s medical adviser
  • A ‘life-story’ book to help your child understand their early life
  • Priority access to schools as well as choosing which school best meets your child’s needs
  • Free early education for your child from the age of two
  • Early Years Pupil Premium – an additional £300 for every adopted 3 and 4 year old in early years education. (From April 2015)
  • Pupil Premium – an additional £1,900 for state-funded schools to help meet each adopted child’s educational needs
  • Request an assessment of your child’s special educational needs