Children’s Stories

There are many children waiting throughout the East Midlands to join their loving and permanent family – could you be their family?

The children may have experienced the toughest starts in life but with your support, love and commitment they can have the chance to flourish. The following children’s profiles have been created to represent the many children currently waiting throughout the region to join their adoptive family.

These children’s stories are not profiles of actual children and have been created to be a representation of children who may currently be waiting.

Carrie, Simon and Kayla – aged 7, 5 and 4

Carrie, Simon and Kayla are very active sisters and brother who share a close bond and need to grow up together within an adoptive family. They became looked after in 2013 due to a lack of appropriate care. The children have been with one foster family since entering care and have blossomed within the positive and warm environment their carers have provided.

Carrie is a charming little girl that can present as being rather serious and quiet; she really opens up once she feels comfortable in her surroundings. She also demonstrates a great sense of responsibility for her brother and sister. Carrie enjoys reading with her carers, watching Disney films and dressing up. She also responds well to having dedicated time with her carers. Carrie receives one-to-one support in school to help her learning and school experience.

Simon is a very talkative little boy who is reaching all his milestones. He loves being outdoors, splashing in puddles and being adventurous on the climbing frame. He has really responded to routines and structure to his day and is enjoying the new experience of being at ‘big school’.

Kayla is a very determined, vibrant and strong-willed little girl; she adores her older sister, looking to her for guidance and comfort. She and Simon enjoy rough and tumble play, and she share’s her brother’s love of the outdoors. Kayla has some delay in her development and her learning needs are currently being assessed. Kayla attends a playgroup associated to the local primary school and has made friends and settled well with all the other children.

Carrie, Simon and Kayla are looking for an adoptive family who have the energy and enthusiasm to nurture and support them as a sibling group and as individuals. The children are white British and black Caribbean and will need a family who can reflect and actively develop their ethnic and cultural identity.

Francis – aged 3

Francis is a delightful little boy who came into care in 2012. He has a very sunny smile and a cheeky glint in his eye, he enjoys interactive play, like peek-a-boo, and his carers read to him every day. He also enjoys watching CBeebies, especially the Num Tums.

His current carers have a lovely bond with Francis and delight in seeing the progress he has made since he has joined their family. Francis was born prematurely and has a number of resulting medical needs and delay in reaching developmental milestones. Francis’s medical needs and future development are uncertain but it is imagined that Francis’s adoptive family will be able to support him both practically and emotionally as he grows and develops.

Francis is looking for an adoptive family to welcome him into their life and who can offer him the commitment and enthusiasm to meet his needs. He is white British and will need a family who can reflect and develop his ethnic and cultural identity.

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